Fishing the Tacoma Narrows USA and Baja’s East Cape Mexico, 2009.

Tacoma Narrows USA

I hope that is note finds you all well.

Yesterday I went fishing for Coho salmon in the Tacoma Narrows.  This is a 45 minute drive from my house.  Do you recall seeing a video of a bridge swaying back and forth before it collapsed?  These are the bridges that replaced that bridge (Galloping Girdy).

I fished for several hours and caught 6 Coho, keeping two to take home.

Baja’s East Cape Mexico

Here is my trip report for what it is worth.

While it is the wrong time of the year to go to Baja’s East Cape, it is the right time of year to go some place warm.  The Seattle weather has been similar to the Netherlands.

What was good:
The weather
The people
The fish, there are some
Using baits the size of the current resident Coho that I’m fishing for here in Seattle
No crowds
The price

What was not so good:
The wind come around 11:00
The economy (total lack of any tourists at all, except for the wind surfers) Even the US expats that live in Mexico during the winter aren’t spending money. A fellow on the plane told me that Cabo San Lucas, a nearby resort town, was empty as well.  Normally Cabo would be full of tourists this time of year.

I am doing my best to spend money and keep folks employed.  To big Seattle companies, Boeing and Starbucks yesterday announced a total of 16,700 layoffs.

My guide Juan.  He was an experienced fly fishing guide.  Sometimes, in Mexico, that isn’t the case.

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To pictures Tacoma Narrows USA

To pictures Baja’s east Cape Mexico